Innovation manager at the NHBC, Richard Lankshear, recently published an article on about the importance of building consumer confidence in offsite construction, something the team here at Horizon Offsite are equally passionate about. The article entitled ‘A new Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by warranty providers to develop a set of standards for assessing homes built using Modern Methods of Construction’ is available to read in full here.

Last August, the NHBC, MDIS and BLP Insurance all signed a Memorandum of Understanding  of their shared intention to develop a common set of standards to assess homes built using Modern Methods of Construction. This important initiative was designed with both the industry and the general public in mind. Significantly, it removes existing barriers to innovation and allows process-driven manufacturers to deliver recognised quality building work that is far ahead of the traditional industry processes in terms of efficiency. Much of the last decade has been spent convincing laggards of the industry and one of the impacts of the pandemic has been to accelerate MMC adoption. There is now a recognised need to increase the confidence of consumers in offsite construction technologies and other modern methods of construction. 

UK Housing Minister Christopher Pincher says that the Government would support these new technologies as they believe these innovative solutions could make the UK world leaders in relation to the products needed to support the design, manufacture and installation of these consistent quality properties. In fact, Mark Farmer, chair of the MMC Working Group and the government’s MMC champion points out that this is the first step to a new era and describes it as an “important milestone”. 

As the goal here is to increase the confidence that both industry and consumers have in offsite construction and other MMC, Farmer points out that there needs to be “greater collaboration and transparency in technical assessment and validation across markets”. Lankshear agrees and understands that this needs to happen as those who do not work in MMC cannot possibly understand how decisions are made in this field, but they need to. 

A new set of standards is needed to assess homes and properties built using MMC as it benefits no one to have different standards for different methods of construction. Lankshear explains that due to a significant uptake in MMC systems, the NHBC set up a team in order to identify new innovative forms of construction. Through a new service called NHBC Accepts,  manufacturers will be in a position to get timely support obtaining warranties once they can provide a system manual detailing the system, construction details, specification and evidence of performance. Farmer, who is also chief executive of Cast Consultancy and author of the Farmer Review, said: “I welcome the launch of NHBC Accepts. It’s a step forward that sees the UK market leader in warranty and insurance for new homes making its commitment to high-quality Modern Methods of Construction clear”.

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