In addition to our healthcare and student housing projects, the Horizon Offsite team have been working on a number of rapid build social housing projects nationwide.  

Earlier this month, our team finished up on the Rathbane social housing site in Limerick City, as featured here:   The Horizon Offsite works on site have been completed within the scheduled 12-week programme.

While Covid-19 has stalled certain industry projects, it has actually accelerated many others in the area of social housing and healthcare. Since Phase 1 of returning to work after the lockdown, the team here at Horizon Offsite have been doing their part in restoring the momentum of housing delivery and have been working with ABM Design & Build on several critical projects. During the period of lockdown, our in-house design team started working on designing these 43 Limerick homes on the Old Christians site at Rathbane for Limerick City & County Council. 

Project Details: 

Horizon Offsite steel frames were used to complete the design and construction of these houses and apartments over two and three floors, in a safe, clean and productive setting. 

The project was designed to achieve NZEB compliance and Horizon Offsite’s unique accredited thermal bridge detail ensures that the project could be completed using 80 mm Xtratherm Xtroliner insulation in the cavity, which is factory fitted to the light gauge steel frames prior to installation on site. 

As the build has now been completed on site for Horizon Offsite after a 12-week programme, the external and internal works are now fully in progress and ABM Design & Build is on track to complete the entire development within the initial build programme. 

The team at Horizon Offsite were delighted to work with ABM to deliver this much-needed new housing for Limerick City. ABM Design & Build have a well-deserved reputation for the successful rapid delivery of social housing units across the country, you can read more here:

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